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Antoni Gaudí

Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia is the most famous - and most visited - monument in Barcelona. Antoni Gaudí worked more than 40 years on the church before he died in 1926. Now, 100 years later, the church will be finished in 2026 to conmemorate the famous architect.
Casa Milà
After the finish of Casa Batlló, everybody in Barcelona with money dreamt about a private house designed by Antoni Gaudí. The next family to have a private house designed by the famous architect was the Mila family. See pictures of the house here.
Casa Batlló
Casa Batlló (1904-1906) is one of Antoni Gaudís most important works. As the name indicated, the architect designed the house for the Batlló family and created one of the most spectacular houses in Europe. Here there are no straight lines and the ondulating forms are inspired by nature
Modern Arcitecture in the Forum Area
Over the last 20 years architects like Norman Foster, Jean Nouvel and Calatrava have been designing interesting buildings. See a series of photos of some of the most interesting buildings like Calatrava's Tele Antena, Norman Foster's Radio Antena.
Modern Architecture in Barcelona' Zona Forum
Photos of Modern architecture from the Forum area and the Olympic Port in Barcelona. See photos from the northern zone of Barcelona with buildings by Herzog, Jean Nouvel and Frank Gehry.
Palau Güell
Less famous than some of the other houses Gaudí designed, and closed for the public for decades, this wonderful house opened its doors a few years ago. Located in the old city center close to the Ramblas. See our photos of Palau Güell here.
MACBA - museum of modern architecture in Barcelona
MACBA - the museum of Modern art in Barcelona was designed by the American architect Richard Meier and has played a crucial part in the transformation of the Raval Quarter in Barcelon over the last decades.
Mies van der Rohe's Pavilion
The Barcelona Pavilion from 1929 is an architectural masterpiece. The building was originally designed for the world exhibition as the German Pavilion. Later, it was torn down. Not until 1986 was the building remade using the original drawings. See the photos of the building here.
Modern Arcitecture in the Forum Area
The Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic) in Barcelona is one of the best preserved medieval quarters in Europe. See our photos of Santa María del Mar, Plaza Ramón Berenguer, the La Seu Cathedral of Barcelona and other interesting monuments in this photoseries.
Romanesque art from Catalonia
The MNAC-museum in Barcelona is famous for its splendid collection of romanesque frescos. The impressive art selection at the National Museum of romanques art (1000-1250) comes from churches in the pyrenees and small villages and have been carefully stored for decades. .

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