Important Winehouses & Wines in Priorat

A list of the most important winehouses in Priorat

Below you wil find a list of the most important wineries in Priorat and their best wines.

Agnès de Cervera
This winery project began in 2003 with the purchase of several farms in Porrera. Featured wines: Lytos 2008 (red wine), Argeles (red wine), Kalos.

Alvaro Palacios, S.L
Alvaro Palacios’ winery called ‘’L'Ermita’’ established in 1993. It is not only Palacios’ most famous winery but it’s also named as the ‘’crown jewel property in Priorat’’. For many people it is widely considered to be “the most important Spanish wine of the modern era” and of course the most expensive.
Featured wines: L’Ermita (red wine), Finca Dofí (red wine), Gratallops Vi de la Vila, Gratallops (red wine), Les Terrasses Vinyes Velles (red wine),Camins del Priorat (red wine).

- Read more about Álvaro Palacios here.

Arrels del Priorat, SCP
The winemakers of this winery are: Jaume Balaguer and René Barbier. Featured wines: Arrels de 30 anys, Ca les viudes, Cal Piró.

Balaguer i Cabré, S.L
Featured wines: La Guinardera, La Ruella.

Bodega Puig Priorat, S.L.
Silvia Puig is not only in charge of this winery but is also the winemaker. The winery and the vineyards are located on a mountain with more than 60% of slope. Featured wines: Odysseus blanc garnatxa blanca, Odysseus blanc Pedro Ximénez, Odysseus rosat, Odysseus negre, Odysseus Maset del Ros, Penélope dolç blanc, Penélope dolç negre, Akyles blanc macabeu, Akyles negre, Dominicus.

Bodegas Santes Gates
Featured wines: Tane Assemblage (red wine), Tane Selección (red wine).

Bodegas Mas Alta, S.A
Featured wines: Artigas (white wine fermented in barrel), Artigas (red wine), Els Pics (red wine), Cirerets (red wine), La Basseta (red wine), La Creu Alta (red wine).

Buil & Giné, S.L.
The winery was founded in 2005. Featured wines: Giné Rosat (rose), Giné Giné (red wine), Joan Giné Blanc (white wine), Joan Giné Negre (red wine), Pleret Blanc Dolç (white wine), Pleret Negre Dolç (red wine), Mas Giné.

Burgos-Porta, S.L.
A family company with viticulture traditions going back to the beginning of the 19th century. Featured wines: Mas Sinén (red wine), Mas Sinén Coster (red wine), Mas Sinén Blanc (white wine), Petit Mas Sinén.

Bodegas Bordalás García (B.G.).
A family winery founded in 1997. Featured wines: Fra Fort (red wine), Gueta Lupia (red wine), El Si del Molí.

Casa Gran del Siurana
Featured wines: GR 174 (red wine), Gran Cruor (red wine), Cruor (red wine). Owned by the Castell de Perellada winery.

Celler Aixalà i Alcait
Featured wines: Pardelasses (red wine), Destrankis.

Celler Bujorn
Featured wines: Bujorn (red wine).

Celler Cal Pla, S.L
Old winery located in Porrera, founded approximately around 1800, has big vaults and paintings on the walls. Featured wines: Celler Cal Pla Blanc (white wine), Celler Cal Pla Negre (red wine), Mas d’en Compte (white wine), Mas d’en Compte (red wine), Mimi especial.

Celler Castellet
Featured wines: Empit (red wine), Ferral (red wine).

Celler Cecilio, S.L
A family company that has produced wine since 1942. It was one of the first wineries in the Consell Regulador de la DOQ Priorat, the winemakers are August Vincent i Blai Ferré. Featured wines: L’Espill (red wine), Celler Cecilio Negre (red wine), Celler Cecilio Blanc (white wine), Billo (red wine).

Celler de L’Abadía
Featured wines: Alice (red wine), Clos Clara (red wine).

Celler de L’Encastell
Featured wines: Marge (red wine), Roquers de Porrera (red wine), Roquers de Samsó (red wine).

Celler del Pont, S.L.
The winery produces only one wine: Lo Givot (red wine).

Celler dels Pins Vers, S.L.
Featured wines: La Fuina (red wine), Els Pins Vers.

Celler Heid & Marqués, S.L.
The winery was founded in 2000. Featured wines: Heid & Marqués (red wine aged in barrel), Heid & Marqués (red wine), Heid & Marqués (red wine aged in barrel), Rotllan & Marqués (red wine).

Celler Isabel Escanes Fuentes
A family run company, they have a hotel-restaurant La Cassola, located in Gratallops, they produce wine using traditional methods with their own vintage, the winemaker is Enric Gil.

Celler Joan Simó, S.L.
The 70% of the production is exported to United States, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Belgium and Sweden.  Featured wines: Les Eres, Sentius, Les Eres especial dels Carners.

Celler Jordi Domenech
Featured wines: Clos Penat (red wine), Petit Clos Penat (coupage de tinto joven con crianza).

Celler Mas de Les Pereras, S.L.
Featured wines: Nunci Abocat (white wine), Nunci Blanc (white wine fermented in barrel), Nuncito Barrica (red wine), Nunci Negre (red wine), Nunci Costero (red wine), Nunsweet Tinto Dulce.

Celler Mas Doix, S.L.
A amily owned winery established in 1998 by the Doix and the Llagostera family with a history that takes you back five generations when their first winemaking took place in 1850. According to Celler Mas Doix’ ideology, we understand that even though wine is the protagonist of their region, the best way to experience it is getting to know it by the roots,its field, its farmers and its history.
The enologist (winemaker) today is Sandra Doix. The wine Doix Costers de vinyes velles has received 98 Robert Parker points in 4 vintages (Doix 2001, Doix 2003, Doix 2004, Doix 2005) and the Doix 2006 97 Parker points.
Featured wines: Doix (red wine), Salanques (red wine), Les Crestes (red wine).

Celler Mas Basté
Featured wines: Peites (red wine), Peites (red wine), Clos Peites.

Celler Pahí
Featured wines: Pahí-Poboleda (red wine), Memento Negro (red wine).

Celler Pasanau
It’s a family company with a long history in Priorat. Featured wines: Pasanau Ceps Nous (red wine), Pasanau El Vell Costes (red wine), Pasanau Finca La Planeta (red wine), Pasanau La Morera de Montsant (red wine).
Celler Prior Pons, S.L.
Featured wines: Prior Pons (red wine), Isaral (red wine).

Celler Sabaté
This is a family winery founded in 1910. Featured wines: Mas Plantadera (white wine fermented in barrel), Mas D’en Bernat (red wine), Mas Plantadeta Roble (red wine), Mas Plantadeta Selección (red wine), Mas Plantadeta Solera 35 Años Rancio Solera.

Celler Vall-Llach
This winery was founded at the beginning of the 90’s by the singer Lluís Llach. They use old vines that are between 60 and 90 years old. Featured wines: Vall-Llach (red wine), Embruix de Vall-Llach (red wine), Idus de Vall-Llach (red wine), Aigua de Llum.

Cellers Capafons-Ossó, S.L
This family winery has been producing wine for five generations. Featured wines: Mas de Masos, Masos d’en Cubells, Sirsell & Enllaç.

Celler de Scala Dei, S.A
The winery has a long history, the facilities are located in an old buildings of the Carthusians. Featured wines: Scala Dei (red wine), Scala Dei Prior (red wine), Cartoixa (red wine aged in barrel).

Celler Fuentes, S.L.
Winery founded in 1995. Currently, the winemaker is Josep Àngel Mestre.  The Gran Clos wines have been recognized worldwide: Gran Clos 2001 received 93 Robert Parker points, Gran Clos 2000 got 93 Robert Parker points, Gran Clos 1999 got 90 Robert Parker points, Gran Clos 1998 90 Robert Parker points and Finca El Puig 2001 received 91 Robert Parker points. Featured wines: Gran Clos (white wine), Gran Clos (red wine), Les Mines Solluna (red wine), Finca El Puig (red wine).

Celler Unió
Featured wines: Roureda Llicorella Blanc Pedro Ximénez (white wine), Roureda Llicorella (red wine), Roureda Llicorella Selecció Especial (red wine), Tendral Selección (red wine).
Clos Berenguer. Featured wines: Clos Berenguer Selecció (red wine), Clos Berenguer Syrah de Finca (red wine), Clos Berenguer Finca Les Sorts (red wine), Clos de Tafall “Seleccio de Vinyes” (red wine).

Clos de L’Obac
Winery founded in 1987 by Carles Pastrana and Mariona Jarque is located in Gratallops, is one of the wineries of the “rebirth of the Priorat wines”. Costers del Siurana Clos de L’Obac has 95 Robert Parker points and Miserere 2005 with 91 Robert Parker points. Featured wines: Clos De L’Obac (red wine), Miserere (red wine), Kyrie (blanco crianza), Dolç de L’Obac.

Clos Figueras, S.A.
Clos Figueras in the very beginning was an abandoned vineyard introduced by René Barbier to  Christopher Cannan and his wife Charlotte in 1997. The couple met the owner the same day and the purchase was completed in the next months. The vineyard was first planted with Grenache Noir, also the  Syrah, Mourvedre, a few Cabernet Sauvignon vines and a little Viognier that Christopher requested from a specialised nursery of Rhône. As the years passed by the winery expanded not only its property, but also its reputation. Clos Figueras and its wines reached many export markets and nowadays clients not only from Europe but also from the USA, Canada, Japan and Brazil can enjoy some of this tasteful wine. The vineyard has always been farmed with ecology in mind and in 2015 it obtained the official certificate from the authorities CCPAE. Next to the vineyard there is also a local family restaurant.
Featured wines: Font de La Figuera (white wine), Serras del Priorat (red wine), Font de La Figuera (red wine), Clos Figueres (red wine).

Clos i Terrasses
Daphne Glorian create her own winery, Clos i Terrasses, after joined the group of Josep Lluís Pérez and Carles Pastrana along with René Barbier and Álvaro Palacios. Her famous wine, Clos Erasmus 2004 has received 100 Robert Parker points (The Wine Advocate), Clos Erasmus 2006 has 97 Parker points, Clos Erasmus 2005 has 100 Parker points and 95 points in the Peñín Guide, Clos Erasmus 2003 has received 99 Parker points and Laurel has 94-97 Parker points. Clos Erasmus 2004 can be found in the market from 975 Euros. Featured wines: Clos Erasmus Barrica (red wine), Laurel (red wine).

Clos Mogador, S.C.C.L.
The winery belongs to the Barbier family, they produce wine since 19th century, and they have been pioneers in the Priorat. The wines are famous around the world, and have received several awards: Clos Mogador 2008 received 96/100 Parker points and 94 points in the Peñín Guide, Clos Mogador 2007 received 96/100 Parker points and 94 points in the Peñín Guide, Clos Mogador 2006 (Magnum) 95 Parker points and 95 points in the Peñín Guide. Featured wines: Clos Mogador (red wine), Nelin (white wine), Manyetes (red wine), Solertia (red wine).

Combier-Fischer-Gerin, S.L.
Three French wine makers come together to create, in 2002, the “trio infernal”: Jean Michel Gerin (Côte Rotie), Laurent Combier (Crozat Hermitage) and Peter Fischer (Aix-en-Provence). The wines have been well received in the wine guides over the last years: Trio Infernal Riu 2008 (red wine) received 90 Robert Parker points and 92 points in the Peñín Guide, Trio Infernal Nº 1/3 2006 (red wine) got 92 Parker points, Trio Infernal Nº 2-3 2006 (red wine) 93 Parker points, Trio Infernal Nº 0-3 2012 (white wine) got 92 points in the Peñín Guide.

Costers del Priorat
Featured wines: Clos Cypres (red wine), Elios (red wine), Pissarres (red wine).

De Muller
Featured wines: De Muller (red wine), Lo Cabaló (red wine aged in barrel), Les Pusses de Muller (red wine), Dom Berenguer 1918 Solera, Dom Joan Fort 1865 Solera.
Domaines Magrez Espagne. Featured wines: Herencia del Padrí (red wine).

Domini de la Cartoixa, S.L.
Founded by the Pérez and Dalmau families in 2000, they produce high quality wine and use ecological vintage. Featured wines: Clos Galena (red wine), Galena (red wine), Formiga de Vellot (red wine).

Featured wines: El 26 (red wine), El 26 Dolç (red wine).

Ferrer Bobet
This winery was created by two oenologist friends passionate about the long traditions of vine-growing, wine-making.Their first vineyards were planted on the the highest and steepest vineyards in the appellation, located at Porrera, a place very carefully selected after exhaustive edaphological and adaptability studies. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views when taking the small road from Falset to Porrera.

Their two first wines Ferrer Bobet Vinyes Velles 2005 and Ferrer Bobet Selecció Especial Vinyes Velles 2005, released in 2008, were made with grapes from some of the oldest vines in the Priorat and marked successfully their journey.

Their wines have been acclaimed as some of the best in Priorat: Ferrer Bobet 2009 (red wine) received 95-98 Parker points, Ferrer Bobet Selecció Especial 2007 95 Peñín points.
Featured wines: Ferrer Bobet Selecció Especial (red wine), Ferrer Bobet (red wine).

Finca Tobella
Featured wines: Finca Tobella Selecció Especial (red wine).

Genium Celler
Featured wines: Genium Celler (red wine), Genium Ximenis (white wine fermented in barrel), Genium Fresc Roble (red wine), Genium Excel.lent (red wine aged in barrel), Genium Costers (red wine aged in barrel).

Gran Clos
Featured wines: Gran Clos (white wine), Gran Clos (red wine), Les Mines Solluna (red wine), Finca El Puig (red wine).

Featured wines: GV5 (red wine), Gratavinum 2 Pi R (red wine).

Featured wines: Mas Amor (rosé), Humilitat* (red wine), Huellas (red wine).

Joan Ametller

Featured wines: Clos Corriol (white wine), Clos Mustardó (white wine), Clos Mustardó (red wine), Clos Corriol (red wine), Els Igols (red wine aged in barrel).

Joan Simó
Featured wines: Les Eres (red wine), Sentius (red wine).

La Conreria D’Scala Dei
Featured wines: Les Brugueres (white wine), La Conreria (red wine), Iugiter (red wine), Iugiter Selecció Vinyes Velles (red wine).

Llicorella Vins
Featured wines: Aònia (red wine), Gran Nasard (red wine), Mas Saura (red wine).

Marco Abella, S.L.
Featured wines: Òlbia (white wine), Mas Mallola (red wine), Clos Abella (red wine).

Mas Blanc Pinord Priorat
Featured wines: Clos del Mas (red wine), Clos del Music (red wine), +7 (red wine), Balcons (red wine).

Mas del Camperol
Featured wines: Clos Severi JR (red wine), Mas del Camperol (red wine), Clos Severi (red wine), Mas del Camperol (red wine).

Mas Igneus
Featured wines: Igneus (white wine), Barranc del Closos (white wine), Barranc del Closos (red wine), Costers de Mas Igneus (red wine).

Mas Martinet Viticultors, S.L.
The Pérez Ovejeros’ family started this proyect in 1981. The winemaker and director of the winery is Sara Pérez, the daughter of Josep Lluís Pérez. The winery works with an ecological method. Their wines have received several awards: Martinet Bru 2008 got 93 Parker points, Clos Martinet 2007 (red wine) 94 Parker points and 93 Peñín points, Camí Pesseroles 2006 (red wine) 92 Parker points, Clos Martinet 2008 Magnum (red wine) 94 Parker points and 94 Peñíns points, Els Escurçons 2007 94 Peñíns points, Camí Pesseroles 2007 (red wine) 92 Peñíns points.

Mas Perinet
Featured wines: Perinet (red wine), Petit Perinet (red wine).

Mayol Viticultors
Featured wines: Roser (white wine fermented in barrel), Brogit (red wine), Torroja des de Dins (red wine).

Featured wines: Abellars (red wine), Abellars (red wine).

Portal del Priorat, S.L.
Alfred Arribas, arquitect by profession, in 2001 started with a new proyect in the world of wine, the wines have been well valuated: Gotes del Priorat 2010 with 91 Parker points, Somni 2009 with 92-96 Parker points and 92 Peñín points, Tros de Clos 2010 (red wine) with 95 Parker points.

Rosa M. Bartolom’e Vernet
Featured wines: Primitiu del Bellmunt (red wine), Finca el Mirador (red wine).

Terra de Verema
Featured wines: Corelium (red wine), Triumvirat (red wine).

Terroir al Límit, S.L.
This winery is founded by three friends: Eben Sadie, from Southafrica, Dominik Huber, from Germany, and Jaume Sabaté from Spain. Their wines have been well recognized: Les Manyes 2009 (red wine aged in barrel) with 92-95 Parker points, Arbossar 2009 (red wine aged in barrel) with 91-94 Parker points, Dits del Terra 2009 (red wine aged in barrel) with 91-94 Parker points, Les Manyes 2008 (red wine aged in barrel) with 92 Parker points, Les Tosses 2008 with 91 Parker points, Les Tosses 2009 with 90-93 Parker points.

Torres Priorat
Torres winery, family company, since 1996 acquire vineyards in Priorat, his new winery complies with its environmental policy. Featured wines: Perpetual (red wine aged in barrel), Salmos (red wine).

Trossos del Priorat
Featured wines: Lo Món (red wine).

Vinícola del Priorat.
Featured wines: Ònix Clássic (white wine), Ònix Clássic (red wine), Frares Ranci, Frares Dolç, Mas Dels Frares (red wine).

Viticultors Mas D’En Gil, S.L.
Featured wines: Clos Fontà (red wine), Clos Fontà (red wine), Coma Alta (white wine), Coma Vella (red wine).

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