The Poblet Monastery Day Tour

A day tour that includes a Cistercian monastery and a winery

The Poblet Monastery is one of the most enchanting monasteries in Spain. On this tour you will experience the beautiful monastery and learn about its history and wine making. The Monastery was founded in 1151 when the Cistercians spred into Spain from France and founded three monasteries in Catalonia (the other two are Vallbona and Santes Creus).

After visiting the monastery together with an expert, private guide, you will go to Torres, where you will hear about how their famous red wine Grans Muralles is made - and ouf course you will taste the wine after the cellar visit. Grans Muralles is one of the very best wines of Spain, and the winery's vines are located just next to the Monastery.

The Cistercians

The Cistercian order was founded by Robert de Champagne in 1075 in Molesme. Afterwards it moved to Citeaux in Burgundy where is was recognized by Pope Pascal III. The Order reformed the Rule of Benedict. In 1112 Saint Bernard joined the order, and over the next centuries the order grew into an enormously powerful order, which came to dominate most of Europe. In 1350 there were no fewer than 700 Cistercian monasteries and over 750 nunneries. Besides Poblet, there are two other beautiful Cistercian monasteries in Catalonia, both worthwhile a visit: Vallbona de les Monges and the Santes Creus Monastery. It is possible to include these on a custom made tailored tour.

Significance for the European architecture

In the field of architecture the order came to play an important role. The order made the Gothic style spread across Europe.

Duration of the Poblet Tour from Barcelona
Half Day-Tour of 4-5 hour if you visit just the monastery and full Day-Tour of 7-8 hours if you visit both the monastery and the winery (the tour can be customized)

Prices of the Private Poblet Monastery Tour
Prices from
38 €
per person for a private Poblet Monastery Tour with visit to Torres and winetasting. The tour includes private transportation, a driver and a guide. The tour is only organized for private groups of minimum 8 people, and we do not put together small groups.

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