Cathedral Barcelona

The Cathedral of Barcelona (La Seu)

It took almost 600 years to finish the church

Built on a Roman temple, that was later transformed into an Arab mosque and finally into a Romanesque cathedral, the chatedral of Barcelona is the biggest church in the city. It was started on by Bernat Pelegri in 1298 under the King Jaume II's kingdom.

Four chief architects came to work at the cathedral before the church and the monastery courtyard was finished in 1441, but the portal on the church was not finished until the end of the 19. century. The facade was built between 1887 and 1890th Manuel Girona in Agrafel (1818-1905) who married Quadras, paid for the façade of the cathedral, which was made by the Oriol Mestres.

Cathedral of Barcelona
Exterior of the Cathedral of Barcelona

"Casa del l'Ardiaca" just above the Santa Lucia-chapel was built in 1512, but has since been restored several times, most recently by Lluís Domenech i Montaner in 1902. The building has a famous mailbox, a motif of a swallow and a turtle, as it gives luck to tuch it with the hand.

The Style

The style is more northern European than traditional Catalan Gothic. The church has three naves, which is characteristic of Catalan Gothic building style. The spires are not the characteristic octogonal towers that are seen in many gothic structures (for example in the nearby Basilica of Santa María del Mar) but a spire with foliage ("frondas"/"agujas de crucería")

Guided Tour to the Cathedral

In and around the cathedral you will be able to see a precious collection of artwork. Among these treasures of gothic Catalan sculpture is the famous medalion of Saint George (see above) made by Pere Joan, a Flamish artist who made the medalion in 1418. It is to be found just outside the cathedral on the facade of the Generalitat de Barcelona.

Cathedral of Barcelona

Santa Eulalia in the cathedral of Barcelona
Details from the Cathedral of Barcelona. In this relief sculpture Santa Eulalia is shown on the cross.

Also, in the crypt/basement of the church you will be able to see the coffin where the remains of Barcelona's patron saint, Santa Eulalia, lies. It was designed by masters from Pisa and Siena in Italy between 1327 and 1339 and so shows the international network of artists throughout the Meditarranean area in the gothic period.

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