Barcelona's best restaurants

Quality restaurants in Barcelona - from budget to gourmet

Below you will find a list of some of the best restaurants in Barcelona. On the list you will find everything from simple, family owned restaurants with good deals for little money to some of Barcelona's top restaurants.

Lunch at 14:00 and dinner at 21:00!
People go out to restaurants later than in most oter contries. Lunch is usually at 14:00 and dinner is late in the everning: most restaurants open around 20:30 - 21:00. and at many restaurants the kitchen doesn't close before 01:00 in the night.

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A nice meal at a fair price (up to 40 €)

Cal Pep

Great tapas restaurant in the heart of the Born district of Barcelona, not far from Santa María del Mar ("The Catehdral of the Sea")). The restaurant has a great variety of excellent tapas and the price is fair - it is possible to eat for around 30 €. The restaurant's "Tasting Menu" costs 50 €.

Plaça de les Olles 8
+34 93 310 79 61.
Restauranten Cal Pep i Barcelona
Cal Pep get busy from early evening - so come early to avoid the queue

Los Caracoles

Catalan restaurant from 1835. Known for its snails (Caracoles in Spanish), chicken on skewers and paella. The visitor has to walk through the kitchen to get to the tables. Tapas Menu: 49 €. All days open from 13: 00-24: 00th

Escudellers 14
+34 93 302 31 85
Restaurant Los Caracoles
Restaurant Los Caracoles nearby Plaza Reial

Tapas 24

Owned by Carles Abellan (who has worked at El Bulli). After the success of Comerç 24 Abelan started a number of exciting restaurants in Barcelona. One of them is this little tapas place in the center of eixample district. The restaurant only has room for 60-70 people, and there is usually queue - so come early,

Diputacio 269
+34 93 488 0977
Restaurant Los Caracoles
Tapas 24

Set Portes

Serves one of the best paella in Barcelona. This classy restaurant is called Set Portes meaning "The Seven Doors", and is located at the old harbor, and is one of Barcelona's oldest restaurants - 7 Portes has existed since 1836, and on the walls you will find photos of some of the many famous people who have eaten at the restaurant over the years.

Pasaje Isabel II 14
+34 93 319 30 33

Restaurant Llamber

Lovely tapas restaurant in the Born neighborhood. Bistro concept with tapas and a nice selection of quality Catalan / Spanish wines. The restaurant project began in 2009 when Francisco Heras and Eva Arbonés started working on traditional Asturias dishes. Francisco has worked at El Bulli and Freixa. Traditional Catalan and Asturian dishes with a dispute from 9 €. Open all days from 9:00 to 24:00.

Carrer de la Fusina 5
08003 Barcelona
+34 933 19 62 50
Restauranten Llamber
Restauranten Llamber ligger i Born-kvarteret

Pasadís del Pep

A "secret" restaurant in the Born quarter. The restaurant has no menu and each day a new menu card. The restaurant's specialty is fish and seafood. It can be a little hard to find the entrance, as it resembles the entrance to aa apartment!

Pla del Palau 2
+34 93 310 10 28

Gastronomy (1* Michelin star - 40-150 €)

Cinc Sentits

Super restaurant with one star in the Michelin guide. Beautiful interi earring and inventive dishes. Roast suckling pig is one of the more traditional specialties at the restaurant

Aribau 58
08011 Barcelona.
+34 933 239 490

Hoja Santa

One of Albert Adrià's many restaurants in Barcelona. Ferran Adrià's little brother has stepped out of his big brother's shadow and started a number of excellent restaurants in Barcelona. Among them, Hoja Santa, which is a marvelous restaurant and one of our absolute favorites in the Catalan capital. The restaurant serves Mexican dishes at the highest level in an artistic format, playing with some of the Adrià-brothers classic dishes like their spherical olives (aceitunas esféricas) and serving world-class Mexican food, like their fabolous tacos. We recommend that you try their excellent taco cochinita pibil inflada.

Av. Mistral 54
08015 Barcelona
+34 93 348 21 92
Cochinita pibil inflada
Hoja Santa serves Mexican dishes, like the taco cochinita pibil inflada

Raco d'en Cesc

The restaurant has one of Spain's best wine list, and is located in the heart of the eixample district. Avantgarde kitchen art whose roots are planted in the treditioenlle Catalan cuisine. Restauratnen started by Europe's best sommelier!

Diputació 201, Barcelona, Spain
+34 93 453 23 52.

Gourmet (2*-3* Michelin stars - + 150 €)

Restaurant Enoteca
Restaurant Enoteca in the Olympic Port

Restaurante Enoteca

Restaurant located at the luxury Hotel Arts in the Olympic Village in Barcelona. One can get a menu for about 90 Euros, and the restaurant's specialties are scallops, truffles and fois-gras. The restaurant has one star in the Michelin guide.

Marina 19
08005 Barcelona, Spanien, +34 932 21 10 00


Restaurant Tickets
Ferran Adria (the chef behind the world-famous Bulli) and his brother, Albert Adrià, has opened this new gourmet project in Barcelona, between the city center, Plaza España and Poble Sec district. The restaurant is next to Albert Adria's coctail bar 41º. Menu-priser: ca. 180 €.

Parallel 164, Barcelona, Spain.
+34 935 071


The restaurant at the foot of Tibidabo mountain is one of Barceloans absolute best. Restaurang Menus 125-160 Euros. The restaurant has three stars in the Michelin Guide. Previously, restaurants run by Pellicier, but now the young celebrity chef Jordi Cruz chef in the kitchen and under him have harvested the two stars. There is also the opportunity to stay at Abac hotel, a boutique hotel with just 15 rooms, with a focus on luxury and exclusivity.

Av. Tibidabo 1
+34 933 19 66 01
Restaurant Enoteca
Restaurant ABaC is located in a luxury hotel at the foot of the Tibidabo Hill

Celler de Can Roca

The world-renowned restaurant, which ranks second on the list of the world's best restaurants. The restaurant got its third star in the Michelin Guide in 2009. Three brothers, Roca brothers as the name suggests, is behind the restaurant. El Celler de Can Roca is located in Girona, ca. an hour's drive north of Barcelona.

It can be extremely difficult to get a table at the restaurant - it doesn't take many minutes before its sold out for several months when season reservations start.

Can Sunyer, 48
Girona, Spain
+34 972 222 157

For the sweet tooth (all budgets)


The three Roca brothers, who are behind one of the world's best restaurants, Celler de Can Roca, have opened five ice cream parlors. One of them is located on the Rambla in Barcelona. Visit if necessary. the restaurant after your dinner and choose between a variety of ice cream and even more types of fillings

La Rambla 51-59
08001 Barcelona.
Iskiosken Rocambolesc på Ramblaen i Barcelona


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