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Albert Adrià has created 6 restaurants in Barcelona

Albert Adrià is a Catalan Chef, recognized as The World’s Best Pastry Chef in 2015 in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to the global pastry scene.

Albert Adria started his career when he was 15 years old, working at his brother’s (Ferran Adria) restaurant El Bulli - the best restaurant in the world judged by Restaurant Magazine for 5 years. Even though Albert Adria contributed in several stations to El Bulli’s kitchen, soon he dedicated to pastry inspired by the creativity that it brings. ‘’Pastry is like a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless’’ are his words. In addition, his brother Ferran Adria would admit that El Bulli would not have become the most influential restaurant of the modern era without Albert’s input.

‘‘Pastry is like a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless’’

Adrià has unanimously earned the reputation as one of the most inventive pastry chefs of his generation. However he has not restricted his output only into pastry. In cooperation with Iglesias brothers Adria has upgraded Barcelona’s dining scene by creating the first culinary ‘’amusement park’’ in the world, in the heart of Barcelona, called El Barri.

El Barri – the Worlds first culinary 'amusement park'
El Barri is the name of the group of restaurants created by Albert Adrià in Barcelona. The group contains a total of 6 different restaurants and tapas bar, all located in the same neighborhood but built on a differentiated concept.

Tickets restaurant. Photo by Moitorne for elBarri

Tickets (2011)

Avinguda de Paral.lel 164
08015 Barcelona

A unique restaurant with lots of color and several bar counters. The innovative cuisine on offer here, prepared in front of diners, plays homage to the legendary dishes that were once created at El Bulli. Tickets presents a different and informal way of living a haute cuisine experience through its tapas. A playful and fun space to experience “La vida tapa”.

Tickets restaurant
Tickets restaurant. Photo by ® Pepo Segura for elBarri

Pakta (2013)

Lleida 5
08004 Barcelona

A colourful, contemporary and informal restaurant that evokes Peruvian culture. Pakta means “union” in the original Quechua language of Peru: a union of two cultures, union of two cuisines called Nikkei, which unites the best of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. Technique and style of Japanese cuisine but wrapped in the flavors, colors, traditions and Peruvian ingredients. The restaurant has 1 Star in Michelin Guide.

Pakta Restaurant by Albert Adria
Pakta restaurant. Photo by Moitorne for elBarri

Bodega 1900 (2013)

Carrer de Tamarit 91
08015 Barcelona

Bodega 1900 inherits the typical neighborhood habit to go out and have a vermouth with good company, and proposes a traditional recipe book known by all of us, without the intention of being a tapas bar. As Albert Adrià says: “We review the past and prepare traditional recipes seen from the current perspective.”

Bodega 1900
Enigma restaurant. Photo by Moitorne for elBarri

Niño Viejo (2014)

Av. Mistral 54
08015 Barcelona

Niño Viejo was born to review and show us the Mexican gastronomic culture from the base of tradition using the best products. Unusual, lively, colourful and informal - this taco bar with an ethnic feel serves delicious homemade tacos, antojitos and spicy salsas. High quality Mexican cuisine.

Since 2019 Niño Viejo forms part of Hoja Santa (see more information below) and the space is now the dessert restaurant of its big brother Hoja Santa.

Niño Viejo restaurant in Barcelona
Niño Viejo. Photo by Moitorne for elBarri

Hoja Santa (2014)

Av. Mistral 54
08015 Barcelona

A tribute and a commitment to all of Mexican culture. The place, which takes its name from an autochthonous shrub, recreates a casual and up-to-date atmosphere with ethnic and colonial details. The suggestive combination of flavors and, above all, the spiciness point adapted to the European palate make it a very pleasant experience. The restaurant has 1 Star in Michelin Guide.

Hoja Santa Restaurant in Barcelona by Albert Adria
Hoja Santa restaurant. Photo by Moitorne for elBarri

Enigma (2014)

Carrer Sepúlveda 38-40
08015 Barcelona

Enigma poses a new way of living the dinner experience in a restaurant. The newest project by Albert Adrià offers a tour through different stations with capacity for 28 people and an estimated duration of 4 hours. The menu “Espais”, consists of about 40 elaborations, with a predominance of fish, seafood, and other seasonal products. 1 star in the Michelin Guide

Enigma in Barcelona by Albert Adria
Enigma restaurant. Photo by elBarri
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