Abadal winery

Abadal Winery visit from Barcelona

Private wine tour to the Abadal Winery

Abadal is one of the most interesting wineries within an hours drive from Barcelona. The Abadal winery has a fascinating history that goes back to the 12th century. Today the winery is a modern winehouse that produces some of the best wines in Catalonia and it is the most famous winery in the Pla de Bages wine region.

Itinerary of the Abadal Wine Tour

Upon arrival to Abadal, located less than one hour drive from Barcelona, you will visit this fascinating winery. A professional guide from the wine house will show you around in the cellars and explain you the incredible history of the winery.

You will be able to visit the old subterranean wine cellar (from the XII Century!) and you will be told about the process of the wine making. The visit ends with tasting of 3 wines from Abadal. After the visit you will be able to buy wines from the winery shop. Before going back to Barcelona it is possible to visit the nearby Benedictine monastery Mon San Benet.

The tour can be arranged for groups of minimum 8 persons. It is possible to combine the Abadal winery visit with tastings at another nearby winery or a combination with the famous Benedictine monastery Mon San Benet.

Duration of the Abadal Tour
The tour takes 4 hours but can be customized to a full day tour combined with another winery or with a Benedictine monastery closeby - please contact us for details about the itinerary.

Prices start at
59 €
per person for a private Wine Tour to Abadal.

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