Hot air balloon tour

Hot Air Balloon Tours

A fantastic experience for a private group or a company

A Balloon flight is an incredible experience! Barcelona Corporate Travel arranges tours in hot air balloons with pick-up and drop off at the hotel in Barcelona.

There are several routes to choose between: the most popular routes start from either Manresa (views over Montserrat) or south of the Pyrenees with spectacular views of the mountains, especially in winter with snow on the mountains.

Fly together with a group of friends, you collegues or an association, and enjoy marvellous views from up high.

The Hot Air Balloon Tour can be arranged for groups of between 8 and 40 people. If you are more than 8 people, we divide the group into smaller groups, each with their own Balloon and pilot.

Details and prices

Duration of the Hot Air Balloon Tours
From 1 hour (can be customized). It is possible to fly out close to the Pyrenees, or closer to Barcelona.

Prices of the Hot Air Balloon Tours
Prices from
185 €
per person for a private Balloon Tour. The price includes transportation from the hotel in Barcelona.

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