Team building activities in Barcelona

8 Best Team Building Activities in Barcelona

Barcelona is the ideal city for a corporate trip

Barcelona, Spain
Kasper Christiansen
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7. December, 2020 (revised version)

Barcelona is one of the top destinations in Europe for corporate travel. This is no suprise considering Barcelonas fantastic variety of climate, gastrony and nature: both beach and mountains nearby.

Many companies come to Barcelona with a tight time scedule: work and meetings are planned, and will in many cases take up most of the time. But it is most appreciated for the corporate groups to get out of the meeting room for a dinner together and doing a team building activity between the meetings.

"The fact that Barcelona is wedged between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees open up endless possibilities for team building activities"

Team building makes your team get closer together and know each other better to become a stronger and more productive group. Barcelona Corporate Travel provide you the possibility to choose between a variety of team building activities. Below, you will find our list of 8 suggestions for your corporate group. We have enlisted both some physical activities, like segway and bike activities, and activities in the field of gastronomy and oenology: make your own wine or tapas tours.

Whether this activity is part of your incentive or corporate trip, we will organize an unforgettable event and let you explore Barcelona, its landscapes, monuments, cuisine and culture, while at the same time enhance your group with communication, problem solving and teamwork skills.


Tapas & Wine Tour

Get your group to relax and escape from the official office mode enjoying our Tapas and Wine Tour. In this tour you will have the chance to try delicious tapas as well as try some of Spain’s best wines coming from the best known regions. The tour takes place around one of the most characteristic neighbourhoods in Barcelona.

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Wine Tasting & Tapas Tour
Wine Tasting & Tapas Tour - Our Wine & Tapas Tour is a popular team building activity


Cooking Classes for groups

This is another of our most preferred team building activities. We are suggesting offering your group cooking classes of 3 different Spanish recipes, which will be under the supervision of an excellent English speaking cook. Your groups will have the opportunity to taste delicious and original Spanish cuisine, as well as compete for the best dish, under a specific period of time.
Cooking class
Cooking class


Wine Making Activity

With the Wine making workshop you will offer you group the opportunity to educate themselves around the world of wines, the varieties of grapes, the process of wine making and the characteristics of Spanish wines. Your group will get to visit a winery where they would have a full introduction tour concerning the winery’s methods of work, enjoy a wine tasting workshop and of course in the end each group will have to cooperate and create their own wine under the specialists’ instructions. The guided visit around the vineyards can take place with Segways as well.
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Teambuilding between vineyards - Priorat
Teambuilding between vineyards - the Priorat wine region offers many possibilities for team building activities


Sailing Regatta Group experience

Try the Sailing Regatta group activity if your team has a passion to sail or simply if your group members are adventurous and sea lovers. This is an excellent idea to book as Barcelona’s wonderful weather and Mediterranean coast views will compensate and give you one of the most refreshing experiences. This activity starts from the marvelous Olympic Port where the group will be divided in different sailing boats each with their own experienced staff team. The groups will compete between them for the fastest sailing boat, will have the chance to learn about sailing techniques and characteristics as well as celebrate with some fresh champagne.
Sailing regatta from barcelona
Sailing regatta from barcelona
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Bicycle Tours team building

Choosing a bicycle tour as your group’s team building activity can be an extraordinary fun activity. The team members will get the chance to share some great moments, breaking the ice that the office-life brings, while they will be discovering together this beautiful city. Additionally the bicycle tours can get absolutely tailored in order to introduce you to Barcelona’s must see monuments.
Bike Tour
Bicycle Tour in Barcelona
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Segway Tour

This team building activity is one of the most fun activities in Barcelona and one of the most requested ones. Have your group riding Segways along the prettiest areas of Barcelona like the seaside, or having a ride within the beautiful streets of the city admiring its monuments, and architecture. We highly recommend this activity after a full day of meetings and work, as it has all that it takes to get the members of a group have fun between them, act as a group outdoors and get to explore the city within a short period of time.

Segway Tour
Segway Tour in Barcelona
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Vineyard Segway Tour

A tour in a winery can be absolutely fun and a creative way to spend the day, ideal for big groups. However a tour on a Segway through the vineyards and the natural landscapes of Penedes, is even more entertaining as it lets you have a refreshing ride on a very extraordinary landscape far from the industrial environment of the city. Of course the visit in this special winery of Penedes cannot lack of a wine tasting part, as well as the tasting of local goods such as local cheeses.

Hotel Almanac in Barcelona
Segway tour through the vineyards
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Hot Air Balloon Tour

This in an extraordinary experience - for most people a once-in-a-lifetime-experience. Flying in a hot air balloon with your group is somethings special, an experience that has potential to bond people in a very special way.

This activity does not need introduction but it will give to your group a chance to enjoy spectacular views from above the skies, all the way to the snowcapped Pyrenees, or the particular Montserrat mountain.

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Hot Air Balloon team building activities
Teambuilding in the air - Hot Air Balloon team building activities
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