The Young Picasso in Barcelona

Visit the museum of Pablo Picasso on your visit to Barcelona

The Picasso Museum is without any doubt one of the art treasures of Barcelona. But, when you visit the museum, do not expect to see one artistic masterpiece after the other. The museum contains mainly works from the early period of Picasso's production. This period contains the key to understand Picasso's later development and so the key to understanding many of the later masterpieces - but few of these classic works are to be found in Barcelona.

Picasso's early development in the years prior to his 1904 move to Paris, is characterized by many experiments. Picasso tries one new artistic style after another in a series of experiments that really never ends. But with the so-called Blue Period comes both form and unity for the first time to the work of Pablo Picasso.

Picasso as a young artist
Visiting the Picasso Museum in Barcelona gives you the possibility of seeing the influence from many of the major artistic styles in the beginning of the 20th century.

Picasso was trained according to the Spanish education system. Around the turn of the century teaching of visual art was built around the study of classical models and copies of these models. Picasso's first years at school were marked by numerous copies of classic works, models and style exercises where an exact copy of nature was the goal.

The early experiments and the blue period are in focus in the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, and that makes the museum a fascinating study of Picasso's development from the talent that makes him the 20th century perhaps best-known painter.

Visit The Picasso Museum on a guided tour
Visit the Picasso Museum on a guided tour in Barcelona. Click here to read more about the Gothic Quarter Barcelona Tour, that passes by the museum.

Facts about The Picasso Museum

Museo Picasso
C/ Montcada, 15.
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Opening hours
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00
First Monday in every month the entrance is free.

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